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setup activation form.

Below is the TrueCommerce Connection Setup activation form.

We have some simple questions we would like to ask you before we get started.

Once your complete the form, a TrueCommerce implementation specialist will be assigned and will contact you.

If you require help with this form, contact our support team directly.

Project Point of Contact *
Project Point of Contact
Who will we be working with on this project? We highly recommend the assigned contact be a user familiar with your daily operations in the TrueCommerce products.
Project Contact Phone Number *
Project Contact Phone Number
Product Familiarization *
On a scale of 1-5 (5 being extremely familiar) - how familiar are you with Transaction Manager and daily processing/troubleshooting in that product?
If your new connection is an EDI trading partner, please enter the ID below. If this is not an EDI partner, please ignore this question. If you do not know the Trading Partners EDI ID, please contact them to obtain it. Moving forward with a missing, or inaccurate ID, can dramatically delay your projects timeline and cause costly errors requiring new setup fees.
If you are adding an EDI Trading Partner, please pick the ID qualifier from the list below. This qualifier will be provided by your partner. If you are not adding an EDI trading partner, please disregard this question.
Testing Required? *
Does this new connection require testing before establishing production data? It's OK if the answer is NO, however you wish to test. We are just determining what, if any, deadline we are up against for your new connection.
Portal Access
IF YES TO TESTING REQUIRED: Does this new connection require access to a testing portal? If the answer is YES, please ensure you obtain credentials before submitting this form.
Testing Deadline
Testing Deadline
IF YES TO TESTING REQUIRED: What date did your trading partner set as your deadline?
Are you using a Warehouse? *
If you are expecting to integrate this connection with an existing warehouse, please select YES below. Otherwise, select NO.
If you have additional comments or communication you would like to share with us, please do so in this field. If you have e-mails/files to share, please provide us with a link to download.