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Ship Notice (856) & Shipping Label Compliance Testing

For several years, SpartanNash has improved and streamlined their business process by implementing standardized EDI purchase order and invoice documents to/from their supplier community. Due to the success and numerous benefits for all parties, SpartanNash is now additionally enforcing standardized EDI advanced ship notice (856) and shipping label documents. This mandate requires all SpartanNash vendors to complete compliance testing beginning early Fall 2019. It is our hope that through this process with the vendor community SpartanNash will see immediate improvements in shipment visibility, distribution, and inventory management. Please continue reading to learn more about our partner in this effort, the testing process, and essential next steps.

Our partner for compliance testing:

TrueCommerce will work alongside your organization and/or EDI provider to ensure all ship notice documents and shipping labels meet SpartanNash EDI compliance standards. All vendors will enter a testing phase where they will be required to submit complaint ASN documents and shipping labels for approval and certification. Our organization looks forward to assisting the SpartanNash supplier community throughout this testing process.

Who is TrueCommerce?

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  • Communication from TrueCommerce

  • Obtain testing welcome email

  • Print compliant shipping label

  • Mail via instructions

  • Obtain grade C or higher to pass

  • Pass all ASN & label compliance tests

  • Obtain formal certification letter


All compliance testing must be completed and passed within 30 days.

For vendors with an existing EDI solution

Vendors who currently do not have an EDI solution


For organization’s who currently do not have an EDI solution in place, or are unable to meet the SpartanNash requirements with their current EDI provider we have an available TrueCommerce Transaction Manager Portal.


Organization’s with an existing EDI solution through an in-house or third party EDI provider will need to complete Testing & Certification.


All ASN testing will be completed via the SpartanNash testing portal.


Self-service Testing


The self-service testing portal enables suppliers to test and certify EDI documents against SpartanNash’s requirements and defined testing scenarios. The portal contains all the information your organization will require to successfully complete compliance testing including a simple onboarding guide, detailed testing scenarios, and SpartanNash document specifications.


 Testing Scenarios

Testing scenarios apply to all three divisions of SpartanNash, which include MDV, NashFinch, and Spartan Stores


ASN Testing Scenarios: 4030 UCS - preferred version

  • SOTPI- Pallet

  • SOPI -Pick and Pack


Label Testing: Must include vendor number and contact information when emailing and sending in PDF.

  • Email a PDF copy to:

  • Mail a physical copy to:

Attn: TC Label Testing

210 West Kensinger Drive

Cranberry Township, PA 16066

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Next Steps


 Finalize your organization’s testing commitment and return the completed onboarding form to your assigned TrueCommerce resource no later than [DEADLINE]. Compliance testing will kick-off with a welcome email containing unique log-in information to the SpartanNash testing portal within 24 hours of processing.

Specifications are listed below, enabling your organization and/or third party EDI provider to review and begin mapping ASAP. Once compliance testing kicks-off your organization will have 30 days to complete and pass all ASN and label testing scenarios.


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